Baker City, Oregon, Rest Day


Day 75.  A nice breakfast at the Lone Pine Cafe with Norm, Christine, Bill, and Philip.  Norm was busily reading off the latest blurbs about the Tour de France which ends this week.  We now have only a week before the trip ends and inevitably we are getting a little nostalgic and reminiscent about towns, places, and people that have touched us.   Part of that has been my ongoing joke about what calendars, books, or songs each of us would create after this trip.

My suggestions are:

• Dogs that tried to eat or kill me, by John.

• Fifty Ways to Leave your Tour, by Tom

• You're in Nation: Places I Peed across the USA, by Lew. Alternatively "Do the Lewcomotion."

• Thirty Sidetrips (in twenty miles or less) along the TransAmerica, by Norm and Christine.

• Grilled Cheese Sandwiches across America, by Barry. Alternatively, "They speak English??? A Guide to understanding the Barry's British Banter."

• Randy and Ribald Ranger Stories, by Bill.

• Alternatively "Hot Women I would like to pork on the The TransAmerica"

• Gatorade and Powerade Bottling, A comparative study, by Jim.

• Van Camping for comfort, by Chris.

• A Guide to Ambiguous Expressions, by Philip.

• Spokes I've lost, by Britton.


After breakfast and a little exploration many of us (Norm, Christine, Bill, Philip and I) went to the Leo Adler House Museum.  Leo was born in 1895 and was a real Horatio Alger of his day selling magazine subscriptions.  He eventually became the exclusive magazine distributor in eight western states.  When he passed away (never married) in 1993 he donated his $23 million to the community.  The earnings and interest are used to fund scholarships and community improvements.

He lived in this house since he was four, and never went upstairs after his Mother's death.  (The family had moved downstairs anyway because they only put electricity and water in the lower level.). The house is now restored to how it existed in 1900.

Lovely rooms.

I took a nap and then rode my bike to the local classic theater.  Saw the War for the Planet of the Apes.  Visually quite excellent, but the story was too trite and a too few many deus ex machina plot devices.  I also take objection to the casual association of Christianity and the National Anthem to crazy ape-slavery and abuse.


Lovely night tonight.  We had our group dinner at the local brew pub.  We started our next-to-last map today as we finally head west.