Day 08 (Love, VA to Camp Bethel, VA)


Lexington is famous for the Virginia Military Institute and the house of a former VMI instructor, Thomas Jonathon "Stonewall" Jackson.  Here in the South Confederate heroes are loved and cherished, particularly like Stonewall because he was so good, so eccentric, and his death, like all death in war, tragic, but made all the more so because he was shot by one of his own sentries.  He held on until the Sabbath, deeming it be a proper day for death.  Pneumonia set in and he said, β€œLet us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.”  Then he passed away.


I doubt there is or was a Southern girl or boy who hasn't wondered what would have happened had Stonewall been there to help Robert E. Lee throughout the war.  In many senses Stonewall represents the tragically self-inflicted (and once inflicted - inevitable) outcome of the Civil War.

When it's sunny out I'll go through eight 21 ounce bottles of water easily.  I have two on my bike so I get them refilled anytime I can - usually by buying something and then asking, or just buying the water.

Convenience stores are like little Inns to us, filled as they are with water, Gatorade, and sometimes a local cafe inside. 


Water Stop. 25 miles or so to go.

Water Stop. 25 miles or so to go.

This was just down the road from Natural Bridges and this lovely piece of roadside kitch. I love the car "fer" sale - front end bent and crumpled.