Day 05 (Ashland, Virginia to Louisa, Virginia)



Bumpass, Virginia.  This causes a rift between Barry and I over the proper pronunciation.  He says it's bum-pass.  I say it's bump-ass.  It's like an American trying to tell the Brits how to pronounce Worcestershire. 

We had just finished riding nearly two hours in the pouring rain and the open country store was a welcome sight.  Coffee tasted so good. 

The Country Store is the Home of the Bumpass BD Dog.  The back deli is manned by seventy two year old Lyn who proudly makes the BD Dog. It's a hot dog topped with pulled pork North Carolina BBQ (Vinegar not tomato based) and coke slaw.  It was delicious. 

Talking with her, garbed as we are, inevitably the conversation turns to how long we are biking and we say Oregon.She mentioned that she had worked on setting up the 1976 route so I asked her to give me a minute and called over Jim (Retired Park Ranger, Utah) who was a guide on the original inaugural ride back in 1976.The two septuagenarians chatted back and forth and shook hands.