New Meadows, Idaho to Cambridge, Idaho

Day 72.  It was a cold night. Really. I kept relatively comfortable.  Once the wind died down I stuck my head out of my hammock and looked up at the Milky Way which was sharp, clear and really luminescent.


This morning we all creeped out of our tents and warmed up on coffee while waiting for the sun to rise.

Cambridge, Idaho

A (relatively) short cycling day of 52.5 miles from New Meadow, Idaho to Cambridge, Idaho.  Much of it was on smooth downhill pavement as we dropped about a thousand five hundred feet in elevation.  It's still warm and getting hotter as we drop in elevation.  92 degrees here in Cambridge.

We've left the traditional Idaho Pine Tree climate and are back to the hot, dusty, khaki hills with occasional scrub.


We are experiencing that weird reverse of reactions. At the beginning we would be asked, "Where did you start ?" We would say Yorktown Virginia but wasn't as impressive so we would quickly add that we were ending on Oregon.  Now here in Idaho, just a skip to Oregon, we don't get gasps and oohs until we say we started in Virginia.

Lew figured out that we only have nine more days of cycling because we have one last rest day in Baker City, Oregon.  That seems a surreally brief and close.

Soon this little foray into Never Never Land will draw to an end and I will have to head back to real life and the innumerable and myriad of decisions that must be made each day.  In Never Never Land my decisions could be counted on one or two hands. What gears to use. What to eat. What to drink. Set up the hammock or the tent.

Life is about cold water, road grades, and food fuel as we tick off the day's mileage.   I have barely watched or read the news and it is intensely peaceful to be out of the kabuki theater that makes up the twenty four news cycle.

Instead of all that reality, after a snack we find south of Cambridge, a swimming hole along the Weiser River which hits the spot on this 92 degree day.

Philip made dinner tonight.  It was really good.