Breckenridge, Colorado to Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

This has been an incredible and beautiful ride. Of course I live here so for me it is the joy of seeing Barry, Lew and John ooo and ahhh over the landscape.


The four of us bike together so often that it seems appropriate to give the group a name.  At first it was the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That was too dark and didn't reflect the Englishman and three lawyers motif so we have either:

Barry and the Solicitors.

Or my favorite:

The Barrysters.

When Bill Foreman rides with us we are:

Barry and the Solicitors' Bill.

Green Mountain Reservoir


We met Janice who claims not to be an obsessive "birder" but she has seen a thousand at least.  She and her friend are watching a bald eagle nest with three hatchlings.  The were hatched roughly in April and will leave the nest any day now.

Eagles mate for life and have a thirty five year life span. Once they can fly, they have no natural predators.  Janice is particularly excited because eagles will have one or two hatchlings but almost never three. She has watched the parents hunt for fish and bring it back to the nest and strip the flesh from the fish and feed it to the hatchlings.

While waiting for their meal the hatchlings would spread and flap their wings.   Any day they will try to leave their perch that is eighty feet above the ground.  A third won't be able to control their descent and die.  Those that can are ground for a few days while the parents try to protect them until they too can fly freely.

We biked around this lake.  Lots of going up and down.  A few giggles at the Master Bate shop and the Nob ranch for Barry.


Highlight - we saw a family/group/ herd of Rocky Mountain Sheep along the road. They stayed there until a jerky kid came to fast and loud toward them. It was impressive to see them effortlessly scramble up steep gravel and rocky terrain.

Byers Canyon

This was a particularly beautiful stretch of the route with the Colorado River below. There's a railroad track and we saw an Amtrak passenger Train come through.

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

We're camping tonight near the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort.  Our campsite is a five minute bike ride down a gravel unpaved road.  It's very shady, beautiful but isolated and the mosquitoes are out.

80 miles today and Barry and I go in with Jim at about 5pm.  We had leftover chicken enchiladas thanks to Gina's extraordinary cooking for the group.  It was well received.


Map Meeting and tomorrow we'll cycle 60 miles to Walden, The Moose viewing Capital of Colorado.  We'll have to climb about a thousand feet or so to get over a pass but then it's all down hill.

After that Lew, Barry, Jim, Bill and I biked to the Hot Springs.  Lots of different nationalities here.  Russian.  Australia.  The kicker was Bill and I found ourselves in a Hit Tub with three very friendly South Koreans who live in Denver and work as Pastors for different denominations.

Feel tired but at least now I'm clean and ready for bed.