Dubois, Wyoming to Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Day 58.  These are the days that travel brochures are made from.  We are headed northwest toward the Tetons but have to climb the Wind River Mountains first.  A two thousand five hundred climb.

So we are biking toward and past these wonderful snow capped peaks as we pass from eastern Wyoming to western Wyoming.  Gone are the endlessly rolling but relatively flat sage green scrub plains.  We're seeing more pine trees and river woods.

The river also brings MOSQUITOES and on one hill they were so bad, and we were slow climbing it that we were getting eaten.  Very frustrating.  I could feel little pin pricks on my back, my rear and legs.  As soon  as Bill and I reached the top we hopped off our bikes and rubbed our backs against a highway pole.

Even at 10MPH the little pests kept finding us and we would be contorting ourselves to swipe them away.

Togwotee Pass, Wyoming


It's spelled Togwotee Pass but pronounced TOGADEE Pass.  Regardless it was a longer climb (or at least felt like it it) than the Hoosier Pass - partly because we had to climb another thousand feet today.

So it was a long climb, but eventually reached the top.  Happily John, Lew and Bill were still there.  We ate our sandwiches and then Phil came along riding sweep.

The sign ahead says we have 6% grade downhill for seventeen miles.  If that's true it's will be glorious.

Oh my.  It is one of best descents I have ever been on.  Routinely and constant 30 miles an hour down with little traffic and all the while the Teton Mountain range and the emerald green river valley lay before us.


It was a view along with the rush of the bicycle swooshing down the road that defies an adequate description, but if God didn't speak to me then, He never has.

Seventy mile ride today from Dubois to Colter Bay Village in the Grand Teton National Park.  After the seventeen miles of the most glorious descent with the snow capped Tetons looming before us. We rode along the valley floor - mostly flat - and had these almost surreal mountains hove closer into view.

They are almost unreal, and I joked later with Norm, Christine, Bill, and Barry that they are fake, re-painted every five years by the park service and propped up by scaffolding.

Barry says they look as if children drew them.  "As if you said to kids, draw a mountain range, and bang - there they are."

The view defies capture by camera.  We can only hint at it, but to be here, and more weirdly TO HAVE COME HERE BY BICYCLE FROM VIRGINIA boggles my mind.


Colter Bay, Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park

I did laundry.

Dinner tonight by Jackson Lake.  It was a left over palooza with beef and bison burgers, kielbasa hot dogs.  All good and wonderful.  Chris is pretty good at looking at everything left over from the week's last dinners and putting something together.  I told him he should write a book titled, "Making Winners from last week's dinners."


My cold is still present.  Coughing.  A little stuffy nose.  It isn't keeping me from riding, but it does drain me.  Hopefully tonight I'll get good rest, and rather than do the optional biking tomorrow - I'll take it easy.