Saratoga, Wyoming to Rawlins, Wyoming

Day 54.  Rest stop with overpriced Gatorade and inappropriate apostrophes.


After Walcott we only had 18.5 miles to go but we were buffeted by wind from any direction, but primarily a headwind, at 27MPH with gusts up to 60MPH.

Brutal. Draining or as Barry calls it, "cream crackered."  Lew just got in his zone and never stopped, prompting Barry to coin the moniker "Lewcomotive."


Lunch today at a good Thai place, and around the corner we had our first Huckleberry Shake of the ride.

My bad news is that my front tire was flat. We found two wires dug into my tire.

Happier news, Gina and Sophia drove up to visit one last time before the trip ends.  Dinner tonight at the Aspen House and fun playing with Sophia at the Hotel pool.

Tomorrow we had an 85 mile day ahead of us.  The terrain looked okay. It the wind really today really spooked us.  Phil went to bat and found a place to stop in Jeffrey City - only 67 miles north.