McKenzie Bridge, Oregon to Coburg, Oregon


Day 80.  We biked on highway 126 along the McKenzie River until we came close to Eugene, Oregon.  The river is strong, rushing along, while fly fisherman do their casts from flat bottom dory boats.

It is gorgeous country and often we pass by a small water fall coming down into this valley to join the river which eventually joins the Williamette River.  The trees tower above us and there is no way to mistake that we are in the lush side of Oregon.


Tonight we reached Coburg, a small bedroom community just north of Eugene.  Our little journey is closing to an end.  Tomorrow we'll curve Northwest and camp just thirty miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Coburg, Oregon


We arrived in Coburg, and specifically Armitage Park - a county run campground where we will spend the night.  However they would not let us occupy our sites until 2 PM and so we biked the 2 miles or so into Coburg.

There we found an excellent ice cream location.  What is it about cycling and ice cream?  They just seem to universally be accepted as the best pairs to put together ever.

Best of the Trip

Jim put together this list based on our dinner campfire discussions and reminiscing.

• Milkshake.   Ennis,mt

• Most Interesting bike traveler.    Amanda

• Most annoying bike traveler.   Rick

• Hardest climb.        Tie.     Paloose, co & elk city,ky

• Best descent.  White Bird,Idaho

• Best hostel.    Tie.  Als place, Farmington mo & spoke'n hostel, Mitchell, OR

• Most intersting town.     Damascus, VA

• Worst motels.    Anyplace with the name "squire" or "knight"

• Beer layover.      Breckinridge

• Best cafe.       Wesleys Cajun cafe in Missouri

• Best waitress.    Christie in Chester Illinois

• Best campsite.   Graingeville

• Best run cafe.     Palmyra

• Worst campsite.  Pittsburg Kansas  (misty mountain Charlottesville and camp swampy in Wisdom, honorable mention)

• Best meal.      Ribs in FairPlay

• Best bike shop.  Gannett peak in Landers

• Best kindness.    Janet & Maya the dog in Cassoday Kansas

• Best road repair.    Britton's bike in Granby

• Best day of riding.   Summit bikeway Breckinridge

• Most off course.  Tie. Bill/Marion & Mike/Yorktown

• Worst day of riding.   Charlottesville

• Worst bike shop.  flagstaff Baker City

• Most confusing map section.  Springfield

• Best fire station.    Utica

• Weirdest campsite.  sheep herders wagon, west Yellowstone

• Windiest day.    Newton, Kansas

• Windiest campsite. Saratoga Wyoming

• Best beer.   Crown Valley Missouri

• Best wine.   Baker City Ranchers Blend

• Best side trip.  Makers mark

• Best biker bar. 7th street Station Pueblo

• Cheapest bar.   Ordway.  $1 coors

• Most opulent bar. wytheville

• Most opulent restaurant Boone Tavern Berea

• Best road surface.   Virginia

• Worst road surface.  Sugar City Colorado

• Friendliest state.  Kentucky

• Most unsafe swimming pool.   Ness City

• Best pool.   Tie.  Sterling & Rough River state park lodge

• Best natural pool.  Johnson Shut Ins

• Best hot springs.  Tie. Jerry Johnson hot springs and Hobo hot springs Saratoga

• Best "Bill" story. Raccoon Ride

• Best bear.   Riverdance campground

• Most pissed off   Rattlesnake at Jeffry City

• Best sunset.  Royal Gorge, Colorado and Graingeville Idaho

• Most unexpected nice event.  Jackson Wyoming 4th of July parade

• Best host (male). Jason in FairPlay

• Best hostess.   Robyn in Eureka Kansas

• Most potentially disastrous day.   Guffey Colorado , currant creek Pass

• Hardest segment.  Haslett to FairPlay

• Coldest morning.  Zims hot springs.  New Meadows

• Hottest day.   Walden Colorado

• Most persistent dog.   Hazard Kentucky, John

• Loudest sleeper.   Britton

• Best cowboy.     Bruce in Sheridan Lake Colorado

• Best river trip.   Tubing in Missoula

• Best river for swimming.    Clearwater in Idaho

• Best aquafier.   Abbey springs Missouri

• Longest line of train cars.  Sugar City Colorado

• Most bastardized bike.   Mike's bike

• Best Wifi network. "Kill whitey".  Hazard Kentucky