Day 01 (Williamsburg, Virginia)

May 7, 2017



Introduction Meeting. After more than a year of specific planning and nearly seventeen years of general daydreaming about this kind of trip, today we start. Tonight it's just a get introduced Meeting, along with the rules of the road and the tour. 

We are twelve, including two guides. All are men, and seven are retired. For this kind of trip, the money isn't usually the problem, it's the time. Three months, 84 days to be precise, off work is a luxury that only the well-off or the recently unemployed share.

Tomorrow we bike east, the only time in the trip, to Yorktown for two must-dos of the journey. We'll dip our back tires in the Atlantic (really the York River as it feeds into Cheasepeake Bay, and two, go to the Yorktown Monument which is the official beginning or end of the TransAmerica Trail.

For now it is still a flurry of introductions with one small distinction that classic car owners will likely recognize.

We all prepared to spend the next eighty-three days on a bicycle and use it, exclusively to power ourselves across America. So we all spent a great deal of time and funds on our bikes. When we meet it isn't just limited to a handshake, an exchange of names and residences. What immediately follows is this inspection, like dogs smelling each other's behinds, of our bike choices and add ons.