Pittsburgh, Kansas (Rest Day)

Pittsburg, Kansas


Rest Days.

It's become a familiar routine of laundry, bike shops, lunch, naps, and other wished-for plans.  After laundry Barry and I talked about lunch.  There's a good Thai place but it's on the southern end of town.  Barry instead wanted to to go have lunch at that restaurant known for it's fabulous vegetarian options....Wendy's.



Going into this trip Barry knew that it might be challenging to find vegetarian options.  In practice it has meant that he has become an unwilling connoisseur of grilled cheese sandwiches across America because that appears to be the extent of thought put into it at these smaller city and town cafes which have become our respites while biking.

Despite Barry's complete confidence that Wendy's in Pittsburg Kansas would have a black bean burger, I instead went to the bike shop (Replaced chain and rear tire)  and then to a local BBQ place.  I was really happy with a mixed slider meal with little sandwiches of brisket, pulled pork, and rib.

Barry on the other hand was not so successful.

Wendy's:  Welcome to Wendy's.  How may I help you?

Barry:  I would like your black bean burger please.

Wendy's:  I'm sorry?  What would you like to order?

Barry:  (Now unsure if the clerk doesn't understand his accent or if he has seriously misjudged the Black-Bean-Burger-Participation-Rate in Kansas). It's a black bean burger.  A burger without meat?

Wendy's:  (Brightening) Oh yes sir.  All of our Burgers can be ordered without bacon.

Barry:  (Now feeling he is back in uncomfortable-food-desert-territory). Not just bacon, a burger without meat.

Wendy's:  You just want lettuce and tomato?


Such is Barry's dilemma coming from a Country and large city where vegetarian options (he claims) is the norm and one must actively pursue and request a meal for which a creature has been killed.


Group dinner tonight at a pizza parlor and then desert at Baum's - an apparent Kansas favorite ice cream establishment.  We held our map meeting out on the lawn.


We have ingrained in ourselves such a routine.

Breakfast 6:30 AM

Start cooking dinner 4:00 PM

Dinner 6:00 PM

Map meeting - sometime after 7:00 PM.

During the map meeting we cover:

How to get back on route from where we are staying.

Where we are ending.

Where we are staying and how to get there.  What are the amenities...showers, bathrooms, inside, outside, laundry, kitchen, etc.

What places on route can we stop for water and if there are notable historic or tourist stops along the way.