Fairplay, Colorado to Breckenridge, Colorado


Day 49.  Today was a short day of just 24 miles but the first twelve are up, up, up to Hoosier pass - but then it’s all down hill to Breckenridge.  So we are feeling pretty good and strong.

We made omelets for breakfast, a real welcome change of pace from our typical camping fare of yoghurt, cereal, fruit and breads.  Then it was time to pack up and start the climb.


We’re here in the heart of Colorado and Fairplay is in the heart of South Park.  It’s been made pop-culture famous by the famed satirical cartoon show of the same name.  So on the way out we stopped in the downtown for this shot.


The climbs here aren’t nearly as bad as they are in the Appalachians - at least the grades aren’t as bad.  However we have to contend with the altitude.

Technically it's all down hill from here. This 11,500 foot high pass is the highest point along the TransAmerica Trail, a highlight in its own right, and (to me) mind numbing accomplishment. What's amazing is that the Appalachian Mountains were HARDER because of up and down steep-steep-steep grades. The Rockies are taller but the inclines are more extended and moderate. For now it will be a thrilling downhill to Breckinridge and another rest day but with most of my family and friends coming up to spend the day with me.