Day 02 (Yorktown, Virginia)


Today was a bit of trial and set up day. For the first and only time we turned east to ride to get to Yorktown the official start of the TransAmerica Bike route. From Williamsburg we biked down the Colonial Parkway, a beautiful, impossibly green and tree canopied two lane highway.


We settled into Yorktown, ate our snacks, and then went up to the Yorktown Battle Park Visitors Center where I learned about the battle that led to the surrender of British General Cornwallis and inevitably or eventually the Treaty of Paris and the recognition, albeit grudgingly, of our Independence from Britain two years later.


When Cornwallis surrendered, having been cut off a by the French Fleet - he was appalled that Washington would not extend Full Honors of War. General Washington, however, denied Cornwallis that which Cornwallis had previously been unwilling to extend to surrendering Americans at the Battle of the Charlestown Garrison. As a result, the British had to march with flags furled and muskets shouldered, and the surrender articles insisted that the band play "a British or German march."

 We did the ceremonial dipping of the back tire in the water. Yes, it wasn't the Atlantic, but we can see it from here. The official start of the Trans America route is the Yorktown Monument - a large imposing Granite pillar that extends nearly 100 feet on a bluff overlooking the river. This is really the start, so the ride here has been practice. Now we ride back to Williamsburg and we will stay at the same hotel. Tomorrow we finally move West, about forty or fifty miles. That day, and the next 83 days we will be moving west. Always west.