Walden, Colorado to Saratoga, Wyoming

Day 53.  Cold last night.  37 degrees when I woke up.


There's a large lake (Lake John) nearby so we actually have Seagulls here although Bill says they're just Gulls without the sea. Same bird though.

Last night I could all sorts of animals, elk and Moose, bugling through the Valley.

We leave Colorado soon and North Park is gorgeous.


Wyoming Stateline

This is our seventh state.

We've biked now 2602 Miles.

Pictured Lew, John, Britton, Bill, and Barry.

Along Highway 130, Wyoming

Great tailwinds and downhill from Riverside, Wyoming meant we were effortlessly cruising between 20 and 34 miles per hour toward Saratoga.  I can't describe the feeling of having everything "fit" from smooth pavement, downhill or flat, and a tailwind.  You just hold your breath and cautiously smile while it lasts.

(Barry and partially Bill in the mirror)

(Barry and partially Bill in the mirror)

Saratoga, Wyoming

Pulled into Saratoga and found a spot recommended by Jim.  The Hot Diggity Dog for our traditional, restorative and celebratory milk shake. I had a cherry. Lew, Barry, and Bill had chocolate.

The owner's daughter or family member was also there, having driven up in a van. We were having our shakes and the we're discussing some issue and I heard the owner complain that she had this rash and it was starting to spread all over her body.

Bill and I just looked at each other and he whispered, Is that the lady who prepared our food?

All I could do was just laugh and put my head down to keep it discrete.

They kept discussing, oblivious to us, and she was asking if it was covered by Medicaid.

Hobo Hot Springs

Saratoga is famous for its hot springs. There's a fancy hotel that has extensive pools, but it's for hotel guests only. For "the rest of us" the city provides the (I'm not kidding) Hobo Hot Springs.  It's a free large pool with nice facilities.  Bill and I took in a restorative soak in the hot waters.


We're camping tonight at Lake Saratoga which is really lovely despite the bleak, nearly treeless surroundings.  There are pelicans, osprey, and muskrats hanging out.

Beef stir fry tonight from Lew and John. Very good. We're dealing with a lot of Wyoming wind and expect it to drop to the forties tonight. Not as bad as last night when Barry claims to have tried to pull his cap over his entire body.

First night of camping when I could not find a place to hang a hammock so I set up the tent.  I had tried to give it to Gina back in Breckinridge but she told me to keep it.  So she's proved right yet again.

A very light day tomorrow with only 40 miles.