Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado to Walden, Colorado


It was a cold night.  Getting up in the morning was possible only by raiding my cold weather gear including the sweater I almost sent home with Gina. She told me to keep it because we were still in the mountains and heading North.  Thankfully I heeded her advice.

I set out with Bill this morning.  Great morning ride except....

Broke my chain.  I was reaching the crest of a hill and tried to switch my front and rear gears at the same time.

(Norm explained that chains now are thinner and weaker to accommodate the greater range of gears and it doesn't take much pressure or force)

Sucks because I was making good time and the area and ride is so beautiful.  River valleys.  Columbine Flowers.


I was able to call Chris and leave a message and he came and got me. Yet another reason I made the right choice to go can-supported.

Granby, Colorado

Worse than a chain.  The rear derailer broke so Chris came and got me and we headed into Granby.  VJ the owner, was really welcoming and helpful.  He offered to let Chris use the shop's tools and just charge us for parts.

Two and a half hours later I was back on the road.

Rand, Colorado

Having come down from the pass, we are in North Park.  We passed through the whimsical town of Rand with its defunct police car and the closed (for sale) Yacht Club in this landlocked valley.


It's beautiful and we are passing some gorgeous ranches where even the cows seem jaded and blasé about cyclists.  It's hard going though.   The pavement is uneven, cracked and bumpy.  Worse, there is a strong wind coming at us from the side and occasionally as headwind.  Our speed is sometimes 9MPH.

Walden, Colorado

After a lot high speed side winds and occasional headwinds the last twenty miles, Barry and I reached Walden. We were wiped and unsuccessfully searched for shakes, instead ending up on the River Rock Cafe at the beautiful Antlers Inn. It's a river rock, and massive log cabin style building.

We are briefly on Highway 14 that, looking East, runs eventually to Ault, a mere seven miles from home. I feel close to home and that has been a little surreal, but tomorrow we cross over to Wyoming and it will be mostly new and different again to me.


We sleep in the city park, I set up the hammock in the play area.   Dinner, hamburgers, tonight in the Pavilion.  We also went over to the town swimming pool ($5) for a swim and shower.

Celebrating the close out of our sixth state with a beer at the Antlers.  We are thirty days from the Pacific Ocean.