Grand Teton  National Park, Wyoming, Rest Day


Independence Day

Day 59.  Other than a bad cough at the beginning of the night, I slept really well in this cabin.  Shared it with John and Philip.  I love rustic cabins.

Jackson, Wyoming

We drove down this morning to Jackson to drop off Norm, Christine, Lew and Tom.  Tom is going to ride from Moses to Jackson and then get a car service to bring him back.  Lew was dropped off at Moose and will ride back.  Norm and Christine will cycle back from Jackson.

We had a great group breakfast at the Bunnery and then walked over to the main square in time to see the 4th of July parade.  I'm not sure if there is any equivalent celebration elsewhere in the world.  So many towns all across the country have the same parades on this day - here it was towing trucks, and gondolas from Jackson Hole Ski Resort, and Covered wagons.  Out in Galva it will be tractors.  But everywhere there is a parade going on within fifty miles of almost everyone.

After the parade we went to Moo - the gourmet ice cream parlor of Jackson.  Excellent huckleberry shakes.


The Snake River

Happy Fourth of July!  Today was a rest day so we went down to Jackson by van for a nice breakfast and took in Jackson's Independence Parade.

Took the rest of the day easy and then went on a dinner floating trip down the Snake River with the snow capped Teton Range soaring up ahead of us.