Hogdenville, Kentucky to Falls of Rough, Kentucky

Sonora, Kentucky

Was told that Sonora, Kentucky had a place that served pie.  So I passed by the typical truck stop and convenience store combos on either side of the interchange where State Highway 84 crosses Interstate 65 and proceeded into town, past the park with crosses and flags commemorating Memorial Day and stumbled into the market.

It's a conglomerate of country store, used appliances and restaurant housed in an old grocery store building.  There is a canvas portrait of John Kennedy in the back corner.  The crowd is the kind replicated across small town America.  Good old boys and women talking weather, real estate, politics and agriculture.

Big Clifty, Kentucky

Lunch and a rest stop with Bill.

It's been, pleasantly, a hot sunny day. This after we had expected another soul-draining day of rain.   Found this peaceful cemetery and so we stopped there for lunch.

If they can rest here, so can I.

Nice lunch chatting with Bill who I don't see often enough on the road because usually he's far ahead of me.

Central Time Zone over there.  See you an hour ago!

I had lost sight of Bill for a while but a few miles into the new county and time zone I came upon a lone house and there was bill at the picnic table talking with five other people.  It was shady and I was hot so I pulled over.  Parched I asked for water, and one lady brought me around to the back and into her mother's house.


Grandmother Corrine was in her kitchen getting the Memorial Day BBQ ribs ready.  She had three cold bottles of water pulled out of her fridge for me and had me fill up my water bottles.

"Watch out," I told her, "there are others behind me."

Grandmother Corrine laughed and then offered me some of her homemade energy bars.  "I'm a diabetic," she explained, "So I have to make my own things."  Made of oatmeal, and fruit and apples they were just great.

Came back out and chatted with the family.  They come every Memorial Day weekend and this year they'll BBQ and play corn holer and run the ATVs and play with the dogs.  After a brief while we grew exponentially as Barry and John came by, and then Lew and Mike.

It was a wonderful little slice of afternoon with this family.

Fall of Rough

We all biked in before the rains started. I even got a quick glorious swim in the pool which was just what I needed after the hot humid day we had.


Funny thing looking back on today. I biked with everyone today. Tom in the late morning when I caught up with him. Then Jim, Norm, and Christine.   Then Bill to Grandmother Corrine's.  Then with Barry, John, Lew and even Mike.

We're staying indoors today split between three rooms at the Rough River State Park Lodge.  I'm sharing a room with John, Tom, and Chris (Guide).   Chris and I are on the floor.

The restaurant here serves wonderfully chilly and frosty margaritas which I had before dinner.  Dinner at the gazebo, a vegetarian chili, during a torrential downpour combined with gusting winds, lightning and thunder.  We hope it goes away tonight so that we can escape a day Cycling in the rain.