Missoula, Montana, Rest Day

Day 67.  Rest days are nice but they aren't "needed" like they used to be.  I still did my laundry, and John, Barry, Lew and I went out for a nice breakfast at "The Shack."  Good omelettes and it was nice to have a solid breakfast that did rely on standing around a table and having granola outside.


Lew also wanted a haircut.  I finally found an open barber yesterday, but I found another Barber by the restaurant which was run by an eighty-one year old fellow with a non-stop working man's prattle and jokes.  Lew Loved it.

Lunch at the ACA where they put on a great BBQ and we had a chance to meet more of the team, including Arlen, who is the head of tours.


After lunch, Norm, Christine, Jim, Bill and I walked up to the Ace Hardware and bought inner tubes for $15 and then took a free bus up river.  We got out after thirty minutes or so and then put in for a wonderful, cool, and relaxing three hour float back into Missoula.

Nice dinner tonight and now we are starting on Map number three.  (Only two left).  I can remember how worried and exhausted I was when we completed map 12 in Christiansburg, Virginia.  Now it seems that they are just flying by.

Ice Cream tonight at Big Dipper with an near constant line of about fifty to seventy people.  The ice cream was good, but not that great.  Still - a nice end of rest day treat.