Pueblo, Colorado, Rest Day

Coffee and breakfast today with the group. We all wake relatively early    We all do our little rest day routines.  Maps. Tours. Laundry.  Bike shop.


I did laundry at the hotel.  It was so dry and parched (we hit 101 degrees here) that I went across the parking lot and hung my laundry to dry on the railing of an unused building.  Gina asked I felt I had permission, which took me back a little.  We've gone a little feral over the past days hanging our clean clothes out almost anywhere to dry - lawns, fences, trees, and railings.  It's called Cycler's Christmas.

Nice group dinner tonight at The Place by the Roverwalk.  Being over half way through we are all starting to make plans form the end when we hit Oregon.  But the mountains are in front of us and we have almost seven thousand feet of altitude to go up.