West Yellowstone, Montana to Ennis, Montana


Day 62.  Wyoming became more barren, uncultivated, and wide open compared to Colorado.  As we progressed into Western Wyoming and the Alpine Mountains and meadows took center stage particularly the incredible ride into the Snake River Teton Valley.


Along the Madison River

We've now crossed into Montana and at first blush it seems to be a carbon copy of Western Wyoming and Colorado.  But there's a "bigness" and wildness here that sets it apart.

Norm is my standard. Just eat less than Norm.

Norm is my standard. Just eat less than Norm.

Almost immediately, the State's fascination with fly fishing is on display.  In West Yellowstone, competing only with ice cream dispensaries in frequency, there seemed to be fly fishing guides, gear, and outfitters.

Breakfast here at the cafe where large cinnamon rolls, eggs and fly fishing are on the menu.  I bought a fly for 50 cents with will be added to my button collection across the United States.

Madison County, Montana

What has surprised us the most is that every state has seemed, almost immediately at the state line, different than the preceding state.

Fly fishing is as prevalent as huckleberries, bears, and Bison in Montana.

But it was biking along the Madison River Valley as it gurgled and meandered northwest toward improbably bustling Western burg of Ennis that we saw fly fishing on almost constant display.  It was rare to go two miles without seeing people fishing in waders or double prow shallow boats.


Ennis, Montana

We biked 73 miles today. We stay tonight in Ennis which boasts a vibrant downtown including a Distillery.  It was a wonderful ride, mostly downhill, where we averaged about 16 miles an hour.  When we had tailwinds we never went below 20.  Tomorrow, as always, is different as we'll turn southwest to climb the pass at Virginia City and from there eventually to Missoula.

I have been looking for a barber for awhile now but they are all closed (as in today) or weirdly nonexistent for masculine West Yellowstone.  Ice Cream on the other hand seems perpetually in the offering in Montana.

It was hot and dry and there was an old fashioned soda fountain in a pharmacy in downtown Ennis so we popped inside.  Today's special is a Seadog with one side ($7.95) but for us it's about that unique little Wyoming/Montana huckleberry.  (A seadog is a fish sandwich in a hoagie bun.)

Dinner tonight at the campground.  John and Jim made his pasta with sausage and sautéed vegetables.  Norm, Christine, Jim and I went into town to the Willie's Distillery.  Fun crowd but for the Distillery last call was 8pm and you had to leave the building with your drink.  Good moonshine.