Rest Day in Carbondale, Illinois

Third Rest Day.


Rest days are welcome little oasises (or is the plural of oasis - oasi?) filled with nice lunches, trips to the bike shops for tweaks and repairs, laundry, and rest.

After a thousand miles it's time to switch the back tire up to front tire and vice versa.  Two days ago my Bike popped another spoke and Mike, departing for medical reasons, graciously offered to let me ride his touring bike.  Yesterday (54 Miles) went well so I took Mike's bike which I have christened "The Yeti" to the store to get it tuned and tweaked.


Lunch with four others and Gina at a nice Thai Restaurant.  Then laundry under Gina's exacting standards and perceptive nose for dirty things masquerading as clean. Hostel-cleaned-clothes are not Gina clean.  Barry did his best to ignore us pretending to be engrossed in a Sue Grafton crime novel.

Dinner with the group. We gave a toast to Iron Mike who departed this morning.  A nice group dinner where someone else is cooking and washing the dishes is a welcome treat.  Nice that Gina can finally put faces to names with this strange cross section of life that has found time to bike across the country.