Breckenridge, Colorado, Rest Day


Day 50. Rest Days are wonderful but slightly bewildering when they come after only three days of biking.  We guard against feeling spoiled with the rationalization that we climbed close to seven thousand feet in altitude from Pueblo on the 22nd of June to Hoosier Pass on the 24th.

Stopping in Pueblo made sense after nine days of Kansas.  Breckinridge is such a beautiful little resort community that it would be a shame to have come coasting down here from Hoosier Pass, triumphant in our geographic victory over a major milestone in the trip - only to leave the next morning.

So we stay and are pampered.

The ACA - more specifically Phil - found a lovely condo unit that comfortably fit the whole group.  Of course my family had always planned for Breckinridge to be a family "reunion" semi-midway through the trip so GIna, Sophia, Mom, Carmen, Tim, and Raime came up so Gina rented a condo as well.  Kim, Tim's girlfriend and daughter Cecily joined us today.

Today was about enjoying all of them as much as I could spread the hours of the day.  Tim and I woke early and had breakfast.  Went to the bike repair shop.  Chatting with Mom and Carmen and Gina over their breakfast.  Light lunch with Guide Chris and legal colleague David Dworkin (who had made me aware of this tour) who had done a cross-country trip with Chris on the Northern Tier.

A little shopping, a little laundry and then all of us went up the free gondola up the mountain so Sophia and Raime could do the Alpine Slide.

Dinner with the whole group, including two friends of Bill's who live up here.

Again it's strange to have this dose of familiarity, friends, and family but intensely heartwarming to be so supported.