Carbondale, Illinois to Chester, Illinois

We are taking an alternative route to Chester, the Mississippi Levee route.  The road is flat and peaceful.  There's been some flooding but that has only made it more hospitable to the egrets and beautiful scenery.  Lovely ride.

Lunch today at the Bottoms Up Bar known, among other things, it’s fried chicken.  We got there a little early.

The spitfire of a waitress, Chrissy, came to take our order and she was very deliberate about the order she was going to take the table's order.  Lew, having already ordered tried to change his order, but Chrissy would have none of it, telling him to wait his turn when she came around again.

Gina arrived from the motel and joined us for lunch.  Great to have her again, even if just for lunch.  We took off and she followed us for a while and then sped off to make the airport in St. Louis.


A good ride but lots of big hills and hot, humid (44%) weather with little or no wind.  The last five miles into town was a little jarring with a seeming endless parade of coal trucks dropping off or picking up coal from the barges that slowly ply their way through the inscrutable waters of the Mississippi.

Chester happily celebrates its famed local resident Elzie Crisler Segar who created Popeye.  Popeye statutes are scattered throughout the town.  There is also a major food producer company in town that manufactures bakery mixes for a number of labels.  Their workers wandering around the downtown all dressed in white.


We are on the edge of the Mississippi now, so this is our last night in Illinois.

We stay tonight in the park of the Order of the Eagles, a fraternal organization that also runs a bar and restaurant that specializes in all sorts of fried food.  The Caesar Salad with grill chicken a notable exception.

Rare opportunity to have a haircut tonight in a caboose for eight dollars.

52.18 Miles biked today.