Day 14 (Elk Garden VA to The Breaks Interstate Park)

The Numbers:

42 miles for a total of 549 Miles.

Last ten miles dominated by three steep hills in the oppressive heat. Ugh. Fell asleep for a nap after my shower.


Listening to Bluegrass at the park amphitheater tonight courtesy of the Backwoods Boys where the introductions include which county you come from because it matters.


Large Amish family behind us. Norm introduced himself and we got to talking. They are originally from Northern Indiana and then Ohio but now from Eastern Kentucky. They didn't come here by horse and buggy, hiring someone to bring them here. We got to discussing the relative discomforts of traveling by bike versus by buggy. It's possible, the man said, to travel to New York Amish by buggy and keep to a route that gets you to an Amish Community every thirty or forty miles to take care of your horses but, he paused with a chuckle, not sure if you would like traveling that long by buggy.

The Breaks is known as the Grand Canyon of the South and the picture doesn't do it justice but there is a Canyon down there obscured by all the foliage.

Map Meeting. After every dinner we go over the next days maps and route. Tomorrow is 69 miles - really 70 plus and Philip says the Notes say it is the most challenging day with five large steep Kentucky hills. Plus I cook so I need to try to be at camp at 4pm.