Day 00 (Williamsburg)

May 6, 2017


WiIIiamsburg. In 1693, a charter was granted to establish the William and Mary College at Middle Plantation, which later became Williamsburg. This town shortly became the social, political and cultural center of the colony. In it gathered men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Wythe and George Mason.



In the Williamsburg Capital Building, (pictured above) Patrick Henry decried the British Stamp Act in a defiant speech; George Mason advanced his Virginia Declaration of Rights; the Assembly signed the Resolution of Independence on May 15, 1776, and later the same year signed the Virginia Constitution, from which much of the final Constitution of the United States was taken.


Walked to the Kings Arms - a tavern with period food, furniture and costumed waitstaff. Colonial Williamsburg is about a mile or so away from the hotel, an easy walk. The Ales were exceptionally good.


Dinner tonight was Peanut Soup, quite tasty but really just a mix between peanut butter and peanut sauce. Dining alone quickly loses its charm so i ended up chatting by text with Gina, Sophia and Mother who quickly gave their recommendations as to what to eat.


The choice was between the Hunter's Pye or the Bacon wrapped, oyster stuffed, beef tenderloin. The Tenderloin won out of course and it was quite tasty, very tender, and went deliciously with the Ales.