Day 12 (Damascus, VA to Elk Garden Methodist Church Bike Hostel)

Cycling with Norm from Damascus.  He is such a good companion to have because he could easily just out bike me. 


Despite all the problems I feel really good about this ride.  My behind didn't really hurt - a testament to all of the lubes, and creams and glides - I am sure.  After all of my showers I have been amazed that I am not screaming in agony any time I set down on that seat.

This is gorgeous country filled with ups and downs, the hollows and hilltops of Appalachian hill country.  Most of the time we see cows, redolently grazing on green fields and hills.  One farm was filled with donkeys and goats, and we see at the entrance it is  called Little Ass Acres.


Water seeming everywhere.  Every dip or hollow almost always results in a creek or river including this fabulous (but no longer running ) watermill.

After Hayter's Gap (pronounced Highter not HATER) the road turns up and stays going up but there was this great mailbox set up and as I was taking a picture a bird flew out of the left mailbox.

When I turned on Highway 80, the road crew had blocked it as closed, but they let the cyclists go through. When you get to the truck, you'll need to walk around it, he told me.


I thought it was road repair, but it wasn't. A truck carrying asphalt had taken a turn too sharply, and the rear wheels slid down, turning the asphalt container on it's side. Major clean up.

I had to portage not just around the entire truck but the multi-effort recovery and cleanup operation. Took this selfie in front of the state trooper car. Sent that to Gina who quipped that I must have gotten it for going too slow.